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ATENÇÃO: Tees Brazil X Corona Vírus

De acordo com a normatização municipal e estadual, a utilização de máscara de segurança devido à pandemia da Covid-19 é OBRIGATÓRIA para todos os alunos.

black tooth grin


aka: The Run Around Men
a sub division of TEES BRAZIL Ltda.

TEES BRAZIL - Tactical Explosive Entry School through It´s sub-division BLACK TOOTH GRIN offers to select Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bands security coordination and protective services when touring in Brasil.
Be it low or high profile Black Tooth Grin  is capacitated to attend your security needs in any major Brazilian city.

Black Tooth Grin

Who are we?

Formed by Kevan Gillies - diretor of trianing for TEES - Tactical Explosive Entry School, Kevan is a british ex-pat resident in Brasil for over 30 years. Specialized in explosive breaching and tactics and having been involved in tactical training for the last 15 years, Kevan is highly respected among the law enforcement and military special operations community. Kevan is also a life long Hard Rock and Heavy Metal enthusiast. In the late 70´s he was a founding member for the first Brazilian Punk Rock band and later frontman for pioneering Heavy Metal bands on the Brazilian scene through the 80´s and early 90´s.

What do we do?

Black Tooth Grin was created to attend a demand for serious and professional hard rock and heavy metal band security coordination and protective services. Attending rock shows for decades and tired of seeing heavy handed 'bodyguards-come-thugs' rough handeling fans, messed up arrival and departures at airports, hotels and events, feeble attempts to move an artist from one place to another in a hassle free fashion. Black Tooth Grin offers a new concept in protective services: low profile, courteous, cost effective and eficient.

Services offered

  • Personal Protection Officers
  • Coordination with Event Security and Drivers
  • Fan Management
  • Stage Security
  • Band´s Day Off

PPO´s - Personal Protection Officers

All BTG´s PPO´s are highly trained, professional and experienced tactical operators drawn from LE Hostage Rescue Groups and Military Elite Combat Units. With skills ranging from operational planning to hand to hand combat, explosive breaching to driving and advanced weapon handeling, All our operators are educated, well mannered, courteous and discreet professionals, and above all, Heavy Metal and Hard Rock enthusiasts. Avoiding the typical stereotype 'rockband bodyguard-thug' image. By working closely with band members, personal assistants, crew, producers and local security teams, BTG operators blend into the environment adapting our techniques and procedures to the clients profile and needs.

Coordination with Event Security and Drivers

The majority of problems regarding security are caused due to the lack of coordination with local Hotel/Event security teams and drivers. BTG coordenates with these security teams with the intent of establishing arrival/departure locations, security positions, route selection, procedures, etc., so that any and all movement is done in the smoothest and safest fashion possible.

Fan Mangement

Knowing that the fans are the most important assest to any band. According to the bands disposition towards signing autograph and taking photos with their fans, BTG pre-contacts fans at hotels and events, organising autograf and photo queues/sessions. Gaining the fans confidence by be-friending and treating them with respect (plus the occasional pick or drum stick) are proven tactics for a healthy realtionship for safe and organised arrivals and departures.

Stage Security

BTG coordenates security details with the House Security Team with regards to secuity positions during the show and areas of responsability, including recomendations on how to handle 'overly enthusiatic' fans. BTG PPós are responsabible for stage left, right and rear protective services during shows. Handeling in a discret fashion any and all crowd surfers that might venture their way on stage.

Band´s Day Off

TEES BRAZIL through Black Tooth Grin offers Tactical Open Days for band members and crew. Touring means the never ending airport/hotel/event/airport and the occasional trip to a mall or night club. For groups that include Curitiba on their Brazil Tour, BTG invites the band and crew for a day off at TEES Tactical Traning Center. The training camp is a 45 minute drive from downtown Curitiba and is located in beautiful tropical jungle. An Open Day at TEES makes for a unique experience and beats nursing a hangover out by the pool or going shopping.
A tipical Open Day inlcudes:

  • tour of instalations and short briefing on TEES activities
  • live fire and explosive entry demo
  • Shooting exercises for band and crew
  • Construction and detonation of explosive charges by band and crew
  • Chill out and have a couple of beers

Click on link to check out photografs of Motorheads Day Off in 2009 and 2011

BTG PPO´s are available for low profile escort services on days off for outings such as shopping malls, bars and night clubs.


  • Motohead 2009 - Latin America Tour - Day Off
  • Twisted Sister - 2010 - Day Off
  • Motorhead 2011 - Latin America Tour - Security Coordination and Day Off
  • Kevan Gillies as personal protection officer for Scorpions during Final Sting Tour September 2012


Testimoniols from Road Managers and Prodcuers will be provided upon request.

If you are tired of the hassles that the run of the mill bodyguards bring and you look for a cost effective team to blend in with your road crew, black tooth grin are the professionals you need.

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