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TEES BRAZIL is a privatley owned and legaly authorized Police and Military Tactical Training Company. Established in 1997 by Alan Brosnan (www.energeticentry.com) and Kevan Gillies, TEES BRAZIL specializes in Explosive Breaching and Urban Tactics and has trained military and police special operaion units from Brasil and the United States.

Our Instructor cadre is made up of highly experienced and competent professionals.
All training programs offer a safe and effect system time tested in combat environments.
You can be assured that you will be receiving the highest quality training avaivable by any standards. TEES BRAZIL is located in Curitiba, in the southern state of Brazil called Parana. Our training facility is located just 35 minutes out of Curitiba in a mountained jungle area and includes classroom, pro-shop, covered shoot house, 3 shooting ranges, Slum (favela) mock-up, bus and vehicles and jungle area for rural ops (link para fotos da base) As active LE or Military from friendly countries you are welcome to train at TEES BRAZIL.

Be it Explosive Breaching, Tactics or VIP Protection training we can offer you a complete packet including:

  • Pick up and drop off at Curitiba International Airport
  • Single room and breakfast in Executive Hotel for duration of your stay
  • Daily transport to and from range-hotel
  • Daily meal served at training facilities
  • Weapon and ammo rental
  • English speaking staff and instructors
  • Contact us at tees@teesbrazil.com.br to receive more information

Alternative Email: teesbrazil@gmail.com

Train for the worst case scenario….. train at TEES BRAZIL
Kevan Gillies
Diretor of Training
Tactical Explosive Entry School

“I have been asked to attest to the quality of training and standards conducted at the TEES BRAZIL facility in Curitiba, Brazil.

Since 1998, TEES BRAZIL has come under the direct supervision of KEVAN GILLIES. Kevan is a British citizen who has resided in Brazil since 1977. His resume and past performance as it relates to law enforcement and military special operations speaks for itself and is attached below.

Those of you who are familiar with myself or my company (T.E.E.S.) know my standards and expectations when it comes to tactical training. The fact that I am endorsing Kevan and TEES BRAZIL should send a clear message as to the high regard I have for both him and his cadre of professional instructors. Kevan is not only a competent and well rounded businessman but also the consumate instructor. He is a meticulous planner and is totally dedicated to seeing that the client gets the best value for his investment. The training is first class and challenging. Never will he sacrifice safety for speed or progression and each student regardless of their skill level is treated with the utmost of courtesy and respect.

His instructors are, without a doubt, the best Brazil has to offer. I have seen them perform many times and there is no doubt that they meet or exceed the standards expected by American SWAT officers. They are individually skilled and operationally have experience not before seen by their American counterparts. Brazil is renowned for its slums and the violence associated with them and Kevan and his instructors have all performed with honor and distinction on hundreds of operations in the worst that Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro has to offer!.

On a lighter side, you will have the unique opportunity to experience the social life that Brazil is infamous for. From the moment you are met by Kevan’s staff at the Curitiba Airport to the time they drop you off, I guarantee that you will remember your trip as a “once in a lifetime” experience.

Feel free to contact me at alan@energeticentry.com or 901-496-1091 if you have any questions regarding TEES Brazil.

Best regards,

Alan Brosnan

“To: Kevan Gillies and Cadre
For outstanding and extraordinary professionalism and courtesy while maintaining the highest of standards in training military and police operators in the warrior sprit and combat mindset.
From: ANGLICO Marines of TFTT/DAF Cadre”